Techno Module LightTechno Module Light
Techno Module Light
Techno Module Light

Techno Module Light

Techno Module Light is designed for smaller distribution boards and power distribution units up to 1000A. TML is open to all circuit breaker brands and will technically fulfill all requirements with a minimum depth of as little as 200mm

The system looks and feels just like Techno Module, however it is manufactured from a thinner gauge of steel, making it "Light", without compromising the strength. Lighter material equals a lower price! All TM components like busbar holders, inserts etc., fit to TM Light since it's based on the same 200mm modular grid system.

TML is ideal for installations where space is limited. Standard MCB & MCCB DIN inserts fit into the TML system, these are available in different widths & heights and also fit into our BOX product range, to accommodate even smaller requirements.

The combination of TM Light and DB inserts make it the preferred choice for the panel builder and end user. A quick, easy and cost effective solution!

Suitable for:

  • Small Distribution Switchboards
  • Small Motor Control Centers (MCC)
  • Small UPS Applications
  • Power Distribution Units

Key Features:

  • Modular system based on 200mm grid
  • Tested up to 1000Amp
  • 50kA Short circuit rating
  • Wall mounted or floor standing
  • Different size inserts to accommodate all circuit breaker brands
  • Easy cable management system
  • Smooth powder coated finish RAL 7035
  • Easy to assemble
  • IP43 as standard

Applicable Standards

  • IEC 60439-1, IEC61439 & IEC60529


Modular Enclosures

Techno module light - Or DB2 as we also call it designed for

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Wall mounting and floor standings - all sizes

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Cabinets fulfill all your high-tech requirements

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Special Enclosures

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Charity in 2019

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Assembly Videos


Check out these assembly clips that show how quick and easy it is to build panel boards with Techno Module!