Charity in 2019

As is the custom; Rather than sending gifts to customers and suppliers, Elsteel donates to charity in our efforts to give back to society.  

Our major charity project in 2019 was to build a nursery in a rural area in the North Western part of Sri Lanka. 
Complete with school books, furniture, toys etc. The nursery holds space for 24 kids that will have a safe and stable start to life.

A few other projects done this year:


Charity in 2017

Elsteel donates a considerable amount to charity projects every year. Amongst several other projects there is one in particular that we are very proud of.

In December 2017 we opened a small nursery in rural Sri Lanka. The area had been damaged by severe floods in June and the village had no funds to re-build the nursery. So with Elsteel organization, funds and manpower we re-built the village nursery.

The building holds up to 15 children aged 3-5 and is completely fitted with everything needed for a safe learning environment.

Fang Logstrup, Managing Director, and her son Sixten were at the grand opening on the 22nd December.