Elsteel is leading in the Australian market

IPD Industrial Products

Distributing Low Voltage products into the Australian market.

"The past decade has seen a significant increase in the use of Modular switchboard systems by the Australian switchboard building Industry. In the Australian market Elsteel Techno Module is the leading fully modular switchboard system and is used by several major switchboard builders around the country."

"One of our key successes was supplying Techno Module to a major project in Sydney - the M5 East Tunnel. It is approx. 4 km long each way with a total of 42 back to back Techno switchboards that power all the electrical equipment including ventilation jet fans, pumps, lighting etc."

Key points when working with Elsteel:

  • Solutions contribute to significant cost savings
  • Products design suit local market needs
  • Superior in research, development and testing
  • Responds quickly

Brian Rodricks
Marketing Manager, IPD Industrial Products


The easy choice of partner

CIS - Elsteel CasesJSC Electronmash
Producer of low and medium voltage switchgear panels. Located in Russia.

"We saw Elsteel products on Hannover Messe 2003 and we were immediately interested in entering a cooperation with Elsteel on the Russian/CIS market. One of our projects with Elsteel is the switchgear panel 6300A 400V for Syktyvkar Tissue Group for the first Advantage DCT 100 in Russia, and it has been a success."

"The ongoing processes have shown to be very forthcoming and comfortable to follow - especially by the technical catalogues that are very user friendly and to the point, plus the Techno Modules allow us to seriously reduce the dimensions of the panels and to be more effective in terms of making better use of the internal space."

Key points when working with Elsteel:

  •     High quality products
  •     Easy going processes
  •     Great support

Peter Alexeev
JSC Electronmash


High standards suited for the marine industry

Culic Elektro Centar

Croatia - Elsteel CasesIn the beginning of January 2012, Brodosplit shipyard in Croatia delivered the ship "Piana" with 6300 Amp Techno Module panel boards.

"The ship was built under the newly established regulations SOLAS 2009, which in accordance with the Stockholm Agreement keeps the highest standards of stability, safety of life at sea and environment protection seen yet. The ship was built under the regulations of Bureau Veritas with the highest comfort class and with respect to the strict French flag regulations."

"Hull 468 is a passenger, vehicle, truck and hazardous cargo vehicle vessel. This was the completion of building one of the most sophisticated and expensive projects in the history of not only Split shipyard, but also in Croatia."

"We experience an easy and straight way from planning to action - that helps us when working in a market that is constantly challenging and changing."

"Piana" was contracted in July 2008, and her building started a year later. "Piana" will sail between Marseilles and Bastia on Corsica.

Key points when working with Elsteel:

  • reliable and fully tested
  • excellent technical support
  • you get a partner, not just a supplier
Niksa Culic
Manager at Culic Elektro Centar


Jerash and Ajloun Military Hospital Project

Jordan - Elsteel CasesJESCO, Jawad Electric Switchgear Mfg. is one of the leading panel builders in Jordan.
"The foundation stone at Jerash and Ajloun Military Hospital was laid in July 2007 by his Majesty King Abdullah II. The hospital is a 150-bed facility medical with capacity to expand up to 300 beds, which will serve 300,000 local people, and a police and environmental tourism academy."

"Elsteel is the sole supplier of panels for the project, which has been highly welcomed by the Consultants from Army Forces Housing Institution. They know Elsteel from previous projects, and recognize the quality and reliability that comes with the products. All panels are Techno Module"

Key points when working with Elsteel:

  • quality and reliability

Bashar Hindi
Manager at Jawad Electric Switchgear Mfg


Matching our corporate concept perfectly

EFA Elektro

Norway - Elsteel CasesSupplier of electro technical products in Norway.

"We have worked with Elsteel since 2002. We were looking for the right partner and we needed to look no further."

"Cooperating with Elsteel make it easier for us to be the supplier we are striving for. For example we also represent General Electric (GE) in Norway, and with the cooperation with Elsteel we are able to offer a complete supply to board constructors."

"We experience an easy and straight way from planning to action - that helps us when working in a market that is constantly challenging and changing."

Key points when working with Elsteel:

  •     Vast range of board systems
  •     Always solid documentation behind every product and solution
  •     Open for changes and improvements

Geir Sogn
Product Manager, EFA Elektro


ELSTEEL = Quality, versatility and flexibility

ELSTEEL Techno (S)  Pte Ltd

Norway - Elsteel CasesManufacturer of low voltage switchgear panels.

"Introducing new products into a market is never easy, same for Elsteel products when we started three decades ago but the quality of the product has won recognition rapidly from our customers soon after it enters the market.

We are proud to have our Elsteel products presence in various countries and sectors in Singapore such as Airport, Mass Rapid Transits, Water works, semiconductor, Oil Refinery, power, residential, commercial, marine and offshore and many others.

Elsteel is probably the company with the most number of tests, design verifications and certifications through international certification bodies."

Key points when working with Elsteel:

  •     Quality and reliability
  •     Vast range of systems
  •     Superior in research, development and testing
  •     Quality solutions contribute to significant cost savings

Michael Toh
Operations Manager, ELSTEEL Techno(S)Pte Ltd


Going from a competitor to Elsteel

Bloudan control systems industry L.L.C.

UAE - Elsteel CasesMV and LV power distribution systems and control systems. Working with infrastructure in the Gulf countries. Located in Dubai.

"We heard of Elsteel through one of their customers from Oman and we were immediately interested in learning more. After a short visit at the Elsteel factory we were convinced that they would be the best partner for us. Elsteel was perceptive and cordial and helped us design and select the right products at a cost effective solution."
"We cooperated on a major project, Jebel Ali STP, which is currently the largest conventional treatment plant in the Middle East. Elsteel provided us with a strong and positive minded team that was ready to support us at all times, even at odd hours. And the result speaks for itself."

Key points when working with Elsteel:

  •     Flexible
  •     No need to keep inventory
  •     Fast delivery
  •     Superior support

Arun Pereira
Managing Director, Bloudan control systems industry L.L.C.

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Charity in 2019

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